All About Mason

  • Artist: Mason
  • Genre: Dance
  • Total Album: 6
  • Total Songs: 50+

Short Biography:

Mason is the name of several very different musical projects 1 Mason founded in 2007 and Based in Melbourne Australia the thrash metal group deliver commanding performances in both the domestic and international metal scene Drawing influences from The Big Four and The Bay Area sound Mason encapsulates 80 x27 s thrash comprised with fast tempos technical aggression and a dominating rhythm section MASON ARE Jimmy Benson Guitars Vocals Nonda Tsatsoulis Drums Grant Burns lead guitars Steve Montalto Bass 2 Mason is ...

Music Album of Mason

Psychedelic Rock Essentials
Calabrese Palmetto EP
Blessing feat Mason Single
  • Blessing feat Mason Single
  • Apehouse Mafia
Proveur Gainer Edition
Hennessy Maxi Single
Vogelfrei EP